20 Top Foods to Eat on a Ketogenic Diet

What are the best foods to eaton a ketogenic diet today we’regoing to be talking about the top20 just because a food is highin fat and low in carbohydrates? Does notnecessarily mean it’s good for Keto, [, Music, ], hey guys! Welcome back to my channel, if you’re newhere, my name is Kait, I’m a certified health, andnutrition coach, I post videos twice a week, hereon YouTube talking all things: insulin, resistanceweight, loss, sleep and more so, if you’re, ready, totake control of your metabolic kelp make sure toclick that Subscribe button and you can also findme on Tick, Tock and Instagram, or if you’re newposts every single day. Now, if you’re new to theketo diet, it can feel overwhelming you might feellike. You have to give up a lot of your favoritefoods, but I promise you it’s not.

As difficult andnot as restrictive as it might seem, once you getover that initial learning curve of figuring outwhat foods you can eat, it becomes really easyto stick to, and this is partially because thefoods you eat on keto are so satiating. Feelingsof, intense hunger are often unheard of and thisis because restricting carbo hydrates in the dietchanges the way your body Burns energy instead ofusing mainly carbohydrates for energy, which are aquick energy source, but our bodies can only storea limited amount. Our bodies burn fat for energyinstead. Even someone who is very lean has over 100000 calories worth of energy stored in fat thatthey’re. Carrying around now this metabolic statewhere you’re burning, mainly fat for energyis, known as ketosis and yes, low, carb, dietsare great for weight loss, but the benefits don’tend there.

They increase your mental focus, theydecrease inflammation and they can also help withregulating blood, sugar and insulin, and these arebenefits that can help a lot of people but withthat. Let’S get into the top 20 foods. You can eaton a ketogenic diet: number 20, chicken, thigh nowwe’re starting off the list today with chickenthigh and thighs, specifically because whenyou’re eating keto, you really need to makesure you’re eating enough and not just leanprotein on its own. Now, if you’ve watched anyof, my other videos, I’m sure you will have heard metalk about how important protein is, how it is themost important macronutrient most people are underconsuming protein and this leads to side effectsincluding muscle loss, which is extremelyconcerning, especially as we age and a lotof People who eat keto, they tend to fear eatingtoo much protein because they think that it willautomatically be turned to glucose if they eat toomuch. Well, this is and isn’t the case.

The body willonly turn excess protein that you consume intoglucose and cause a blood sugar rise. If numberone, you are very insulin, resistant and number twoyou’re not eating that protein with enough fatsomeone metabolically healthy, can eat lean. Proteinand not have any issue with it, raising their bloodsugar, but someone with type 2 diabetes if theyeat the exact same thing. So a lean source ofprotein with not enough fat. This can causethat person’s blood sugar to rise and thisis, because the second person’s body is not usedto burning fat for energy, it’s reliant on carbsso when it doesn’t get them instead of using bodyfat for energy.

It turns some of the excess proteinto glucose, but if you eat enough fat with thatprotein, this doesn’t happen. You won’t have theblood sugar issue anyways. All of that is to saythat eating fatty meat is better than eating leanmeat and when it comes to chicken thigh withthe skin. On is one of the best options: number19, coconut milk, coconut milk, both tinned and ina carton is great for keto, the tinned ones, willbe thicker and higher in fat. You can use thesein, cooking or even add a spoonful to a smoothieor coffee.

Again. Fat is important on keto. Thecarton version is good if you’re looking fora milk alternative, because when it comes to almondmilk and other nut milks most of these have addedvegetable oil, which is extremely inflammatory. Andcan lessen the benefits of Keto, not to mention alot, have added sugar, which again obviously notgreat for keto, but coconut milk has a lot of fatthat occurs. Naturally, so usually it doesn’t havethese added oils and sugars.

On top of that, one ofthe main types of fat that’s found in coconutsknown as MCTS can actually boost ketosis it canboost fat burning and it is fantastic for ketonumber, 18 macadamia nuts. These are my favoritenuts to recommend for keto number one. They are thebest tasting. In my opinion, but number two – the typeof fat they contain is a bit better than othertypes of nuts. So almonds, for example, are prettyhigh in polyunsaturated fat, which itself isn’t badbut in high quantities it can cause.

Inflammationwhich is why some people who use a lot of almondflour on keto, sometimes don’t get the best resultsbut macadamia nuts are higher in monounsaturatedfat, Which is less inflammatory, not saying thatalmonds are bad they’re not, but out of allthe nuts macadamias are the best optionnumber 17 cauliflower. This one, I feel like isself-explanatory, if you’ve seen any keto shoppinglist or a lot of Keto recipes, cauliflower isalmost, always included it’s low in carbs, andsuper, versatile. You can make cauliflower ricemashed, cauliflower or, of course, stir fry. It orroast it number 16 berries a great option forketo because they are lower in sugar and carbsthan. Other types of fruit, blueberries, raspberriesstrawberries blackberries all are good options: forKeta number 14, Greek yogurt.

I love Greek yogurtbecause, it’s high in fat and protein and usuallypretty low in carbohydrates. Other yogurts tend tobe lower in protein, which doesn’t make them badbut once again. Fat and protein are very importanton keto. So if you have the option, a plain Greekyogurt is going to be my top recommendation. Nextin line would be any plain yogurt, but avoid onesthat are flavored, because these usually have a tonof added sugar number 13 zucchinis, another greatlow carb vegetable, again super versatile low incarbs.

Some people like to make noodles out of themwhich, I honestly really enjoy as a replacement tospaghetti. I think they taste absolutely great. Whenthey’Ve been sauteed with a little bit of oliveoil, so good number 12 oysters. Now I wanted tothrow oysters in here because they are super supernutritious they do contain. A few carbs per oysterwhich is a lot higher than most other Seafoodwhich.

Has no carbs or next to no carbs, but I thinkfor the extra nutritional value, including theextremely high amount of zinc in them. It’S worththe trade-off. Number 11, olives. Now olives areactually a fruit which surprises a lot of peoplethey are great for keto because they are a fattyfruit that is also low in carbs and they’re agreat addition to almost any meal at any timeof day, you can have them with breakfast lunchor dinner or you can Have them just on their ownthey are so good for keto number 10 olive oil andcontinuing that thought olive oil is also greatfor keto. Now we spoke about monounsaturated fatearlier.

When we were talking about macadamianuts and olive oil is mainly comprised ofmonounsaturated fat. Now I will say that it isbest to be used at room temperature, so puttingit on a salad or on cooked meat or, if you’recooking, something at a low temperature, suchas eggs. If you heat it too much it’s goingto oxidize and consuming oxidized oils, isextremely inflammatory. I won’t talk too muchabout this today. I have a whole video on whyconsuming oxidized oils is bad and how to avoidthem, which I’m going to link up above so checkthat out.

If you want to know a little bit, morenumber nine grass-fed butter, grass-fed butteris, great for keto. We spoke about MCTS before whenwe were talking about coconut milk and butter. Anddairy products actually contain some MCTS aswell, although not as much as coconut coconutreally is King. When it comes to MCTS. Grass-Fedbutter is great for low temperature, cooking oradding to any vegetables or cooked meat.

After it’sbeen cooked, but it does also have another reallygreat use, which comes as a surprise to somepeople. It’S really good, if you put it in yourcoffee if you’ve ever put butter in your coffeelet me know in the comment section down: belownumber eight is broccoli. This is another low carbvegetable. That’S super versatile. If you’re lookingfor a way to bulk up your meals, then broccoli is agreat.

Option number seven cheese cheese is anothergreat, keto food, most types of cheese are verylow in carbs and higher in protein and fat. Witha few exceptions: some softer cheeses are a bithigher in carbs, so those might not be the bestoption if you’re consuming a lot of them, but ingeneral cheese is great. Cheese also contains somenutrients like calcium, vitamin K2 and D3 whichcan be really hard to get from other types. Offood, calcium, especially if you don’t eat dairy butit, is really really important, even more so whenwe’re on low carb, ketogenic diets. It’S importantto get enough electrolytes because we lose more ofthem when we’re in ketosis and calcium of courseis an electrolyte, and while we’re on this topicI just really want to highlight the importance ofelectrolytes a lot of the symptoms of the keto fluare actually caused by an electrolyte imbalanceso.

It’S a pretty easy fix. If you can get moreelectrolytes in then most people won’t experiencemost of the symptoms of the keto flu. I alwaysrecommend supplementing electrolytes especiallywhen you’re first starting a keto diet, sodi isone brand, which I personally use and absolutelylove their everyday hydration salts are formulatedspecifically for low carb diets and they containno sugar or artificial ingredients. You can buythem in the tub or in individual packets trust meif. You are experiencing low energy and fatigue andheadaches when you’re, first starting keto or evenif you’ve been doing it for a while supplementelectrolytes.

This could very likely be the problemand adding them in it can make. Such a differenceI will put the link to check out Saudi in thedescription box down below, along with the promocode to save 15 number. Six is ghee, so ghee isbutter that has had all of the protein removed ithas a lot of the same benefits of butter, but alsoa higher smoke point. So if you’re doing any hightemperature cooking ghee is a great option. Numberfive mushrooms again, these are super versatilebut they’re.

Also very high in potassium, which likecalcium is an electrolyte that is important to geton a keto diet, number four avocados so on the noteof potassium avocados are another really greatsource. Usually bananas get praised for being highin potassium, but avocados actually have more gramfor gram like olives. Avocados are a fatty fruitthey are low in carbs high in fat and great forketo number three wild caught salmon salmon is atype of fish that is higher in fat than a lot ofother fish, and it is particularly great becauseit’s high in omega-3, which is anti-inflammatoryand again. It also has a lot of potassium numbertwo red meat. Now red meat gets a bad rep butunfairly, so it is super, nutritious and so goodto have on keto consuming it does not increaseyour cholesterol.

It does not increase your riskof heart disease. The studies that have made thisconnection and made this claim are very weak. Andmore and more we are seeing mainstream thinkingshifting red meat is actually very very healthyand. Women, especially, should be eating more ofit, because a lot of us are low in iron. Numberone is eggs, eggs are the top food on my listthey.

Have the perfect ratio of protein and fatthey are rich in fat, soluble vitamins and they areextremely versatile. Just an all-around great foodthat could be included in any meal and those arethe 20 best foods you can eat on a ketogenic dietlet me know in the comment section down below whatyour favorite keto food is. Was it on this list ordid? I miss something. Let me know down below I lovechatting with you guys in the comment section andI’m also going to put the link to check out sodi’severyday hydration salts in the description boxdown below.

If you did enjoy this video, you mightalso enjoy my video on how to get into ketosisin 12 hours. Three simple steps you can checkthat out here. If you want to catch up on my mostrecent upload, you can find that here and if youwant, to check out my coaching programs includingmy seven day, insulin, resistance, master class andalso my seven day, keto crash course you can findthose here thanks guys I’ll see you next time. Bye

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