How to make the best keto vegan bread

Hello: everyone today we are making keto bread. Yes, it is true. We are making bread today and I am talking about fluffy bread like soft and airy bread, and you know how it works. So we are going to use an ingredient that some of you may not be familiar with, and that is my toe. We are gluten, so Vital wheat gluten is the gluten part of the flour.

So it is largely pure protein without starch, so it is commonly used in bread in general to improve the texture of bread heavily by using flour that has less protein and gluten and usually use vital wheat gluten to enhance the protein content. And that’s what we’re going to use today to bake our bread?

You might ask that it comes from wheat, so is genetic kilograms? The answer? Yes, so a cup content of gluten flour is about 8 cups and 400 grams.

So it’s about the same as almond flour, so it’s low in carbs and definitely vegan, But it’s not gluten-free. As you might do, I’ve noticed that it does contain gluten. So if you have issues with gluten intolerance, this bread might not be for you. I just want to make it very clear, but you feel like me that I’m not particularly gluten sensitive, but you Choose to eat gluten-free from most foods.


Time, because of all the benefits you can have this bread from time to time.

So I like to think being on keto is a long term thing. So it’s all about balancing everything. You know everything is mild, so you sometimes you can use this bread in Break things down or if you sometimes really miss bread and bring some variety into your diet. You can eat this bread, but there are obviously many benefits to eating gluten-free and that’s what I will do most of the time, but sometimes I’m happy to eat this bread. So let me show you how to make it and you can decide where it is.

For you, So let’s start with the ingredients you need. So, as I mentioned, we need some Vital Wheat Gluten, so you can see it’s nice, a little yellow but looks a lot like regular flour, it’s very good and we will use it to create this bread texture. Then we will combine like wheat gluten with almond flour, so you can use any type of flour, but not ground almonds, not on the mill and this causes trying to find the best almond flour. You can get Extra flour, but it doesn’t have to be too fine. It should be as flour as possible and then we’re going to need some ground flaxseeds from the ground.

Flaxseed is going to help the bread stay, soft and moist, and on top of that we need some baking powder and then We need some sweetener. So I am using granulated stevia. You can use sweetener of your choice, then we also need some east. So what i have here is quick stir in east, which is kind of easy. You can add directly to flour without having to add sugar and water to prove it.

I will use it, then we also need some fat in it. So I use olive oil, but you can use coconut oil or any type of oil of your choice. On top of all, we just need a little salt and water, and that’s all you need. So let’s make the dough, so I have a mixing bowl here. I think it’s always good to sift the flour first, so I’ll put a strainer here.

So the first thing I’ll add is my wheat gluten and give it a quick sip through it. Just give the flour more air and also remove any kind of lumps or pieces that are Pretty coarse, so this is weak gluten flour then we’ll do the same with the almond flour. So I’m going to do it through the strainer and drink it well, so you can see some kind of bigger lump here, we’re going to shake it off. Then we start laying the ground flexibly. So all the flowers go in Then we start going to add in the baking powder.

So we need about a tablespoon and a half about even a tablespoon here and then a half that goes in and then I’ll add about 1 tablespoon of less sweetener. I’M using stevia, granular stevia and then we’re going to add a little bit of salt, so I’m using salt, Too rough sea, just a splash small, would do the job like that and then we in east need about 2 teaspoons east. So it’s roughly sacha like this. About 6g, we want to put it on one side of the bowl, we’re going to separate it from the oil we’re about to add the following. So That’s roughly about 2 teaspoons, so 2 teaspoons of yeast here and then we can add olive oil.


So I’m going to pour it over the other side of the bowl that we want to separate like yeast from the fat like that. So that’s the oil that’s gone in and now we’re going to add in the liquid to that. This is where you want Playsafe and add in a small amount, at a time until what we want is roughly less than a cup of warm water. So the temperature you want is warm to the touch, but not scorching. You don’t want it too hot.

So I’ll use a spoon t then Switch to my hand, a very small amount at a time. Let’S just start mixing and then add more water as you go, so we’re going to try it roughly under a cup but don’t take my word for it. So the amount or type of flour to use may vary from liquid requirements, so you want to rule It’s on your own. Well, o! I change my hands well and keep adding water as you go and keep mixing with your fingers.

So what we are trying to get the dough is sticky to touch moisture to the touch, but not so good. I think we are doing a good job here, so you can see the texture of the dough, which is very moist and sticky to the touch but holds together as one on ok thats what we are looking for now we are going to start kneading now. I am going to transfer my dough onto my mat. Yes, if i am a mixer, you can use a mixer to knead your dough, but i do with my hands today. The way you need your throwing is pretty much the same way you You will need it for regular bread dough, but this one is more firm and elastic though, so you just need to put a little elbow grease when you knead it, but the method is pretty Much the same, so you roll it towards yourself and push it forward, then turn it about 45 degrees and then roll it back again and then push forward and keep doing that.

So you probably want to knead it for about 5 10 minutes. So what you want is to create that elastic, but what you don’t want to do is knead too much, because if you have over-kneaded the texture and it will be a steal. So What do you want to do It’s getting the gluten to do its job, but don’t overdo it. I think we’re very close. I think the dough is ready.

So you can see the surface is starting to get that elastic. Now this isn’t your regular flour, so it won’t be too soft, so this is perfect for us. So what you want to do is start folding, the edges down so push it all the way down to gather this together will create a smooth surface for your bread, but also push out air pockets. Then gather the edges on the bottom. This dough is nice pliable, like regular bread dough, so you have To kind of try to pinch them together and then assemble it into a nice ball shape.

Well, what I’m going to do here is I get a bread basket and that line with a layer of fabric is going to prevent the dough from sticking to the bottom, and I’m going to put the dough in that and on top of it, I’m going to Cover it with a layer of damp tea towel so just run a tea towel over the water and then just grab to dry and then just cover it. On top we’re going to leave it to prove alright. So we’re going to leave the dough to prove in a warm place in the kitchen for about an hour or when it’s double in size, ok and after h. So what you can look at? It looks nice and airy and we’re going to transfer it to a baking tray.

So I’ve got my baking tray here and it’s lined with a layer of baking sheet. So I put a little oil under it to make it thick and on the ref of the baking tray, we’re going to grease that a bit. I’M just going to use a few drops of olive oil to grease the surface and then we’re going to transfer the dough awesome onto the griddle, so i’m gon na just lift it up with a tau, it’s very satisfying to hold on to that dough. It’S like a little bit of warmth. You know darling, So let me just lift the towel.

That sticks to my mind and then I’ll put the bread on top of the baking tray like this and shape it a little bit so from here. I’M going to coat the surface of the bread with some olive oil, so you can use a brush, but I can’t find my brush so I’ll just use my hands and only Rub it with some oil. Again, you can use coconut oil if you like and cover it well, and then we will use a sharp knife to make a cup of slits. On top I mean this is a nice pattern to look at, but also helped the bread to cook evenly j. So just take a knife and then give it a slant spun again this is a stiffer dough, so you may need to run the knife e through a few times, so we should do this, so it doesn’t go in here from our dough.

Now i’m going to heat up my oven. Oh this, The little bread is ready to go into the regular oven. So I’m going to preheat my oven to 180 degrees and I’m going to hop my dough for more proof. In the meantime, then, I’m going to bake for 30 to 35 minutes until it’s golden brown in there. So you go get some bread.

Look in this! It’S absolutely beautiful. Even the bottom is well browned and if that crust on the outside is soft on the inside, so let’s take a slice. So it goes there. Here’S our bread and I’ll take a slice and show you how they can have love bread transferred onto a cutting board.

My own I’m going to take her sharp bread knife and I’m going to cut it just to show you how it looks on the inside. It’S really crusty on the outside. Only Can you see, it really has a really nice texture, It’s still hot and soft, and it’s airy, so I’m just smearing it with butter. My favorite peanut and I apologize in advance for that Really decadent. It’S too good to peek.

It’S really pliable. You just need to break a piece off yeah, I’m going to take some great peanut butter and swab it over. So they go here. Bread and smeared with peanut butter, Chunky, peanut butter. I deserved that Peanut butter sticks to the ceiling of the masts, but the bread is really moist and soft, which is great.

So this bread is really good like toast, so you can use the toasters you haven’t used in a while and you can make sandwiches doing whatever you want with it. And that’s a really nice thing because you see it’s so soft and moist. So here goes our keto bread, so with this bread you can also turn it into a real shape, so you can cut it easily, but I like it round and that’s just what I like best, but I think you can easily have ten slices of it. Maybe it depends More over how thick I cut in terms of carbs. A whole loaf counts with my calculation with the ingredients.

I use it’s about 24 cups, full of a whole loaf. So if I break it down into 10 slices, it’s roughly about 2 and 1/2 cups per slice, so for me This is kind of Way within my comfort zone, so 2 slices for a sandwich, It’s about 5 carbs. So in terms of cup count, I guess you know it’s pretty good but, like I said it’s not gluten free. So, even if you’re not gluten sensitive I’ll always say It’s fine to eat as much gluten as possible, but life is all about fun and it’s about balance. So personally, I’m happy to eat this bread from time to time and you need to make that judgment for yourself, so everything is mild.

So how do you store that bread? So you can process it like to Pretty much regular bread if you’re going to consume it within the next couple of days, then keep it somewhere at edge temperature roll it up where there’s some sort of wrapping and eat it in a couple of days. But if you plan on storing it for a little longer, then cut it into portions that suit you Normally I like to eat it. I usually cut it into slices and pull it into a freezer proof container or a freezer bag and then put it in the freezer, not the freezer, because the fridge will change the texture of the bread. So it’s not too full Put it in the bread for free and when you’re ready to bake, you just need Take out the portions you need for that time.

So let them thaw at room temperature and eat them naturally, or you can just pop the frozen slices directly into a toaster that works. Well, they come out golden brown and crunchy and it’s a great idea to freeze them because you don’t rush to eat them within a period of time Certain if you keep it properly in the freezer. I say it will last up to you. You know a month. No problem, it’s really convenient, so I hope you like today’s recipe and what it gives you.

I know this is a tough time and for many of us the future is uncertain. I mean I Personally, I’ve only been out twice in the last seven days. Just t o do some basic shopping. This is an extraordinary time in human history, and this is a time when you should be fully conscious and we wish not to spend time on the valuable lessons we need to learn from others. But I believe, I believe, Firm, that we can get over it and come in I’m stronger as a human race.

I have complete faith in that and I hope you do too, Even if you have to get good at home for a while stay happy and stay safe and you can eat this bread. So thank you for hanging Go out with me today and thanks for watching I’ll, see you next time. [ music, ],

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