Is Honey Keto Friendly? [The Answer Might Surprise You]

Should You Chew Honey on a Ketogenic Diet, Hey chaps it’s, Michael Kummer, here and in today ,’ s, video. I want to talk about the question if you should have honey on the ketogenic food, But before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel and you click on the little alert button. So you get apprise when I publish more videos like this. For those of you who’ve been following my blog and my YouTube channel, you might know that I’m a beekeeper. So one of the issues I get very early on was well. Are you going to eat that sugar since you’re on a ketogenic nutrition, And that form me pause for a moment and think about that because I hadn’t really considered including honey in my food. In fact, I’ve been on a relatively low carb, ketogenic nutrition And on average I devour between 5 and 10 net grams of carbs per date, And I’ve been doing this for over two years now, And so when we got bees. I started thinking about how I can incorporate the honey and should I incorporate honey into my diet And so in this video. I would like to speak about the pros and cons of doing so And give you some advice that can guide you whether or not you should be including honey in your nutrition, because it depends on a number of factors. There’s, unfortunately not a easy explanation. A yes or no answer, you know several factors that influence whether or not you should be including honey in your diet. Now, before we get into the details, let’s talk about sugar, real quick, So you know what honey is made out of. Well, I’m not going to tell you how honey is produced by the beast, but what you should know is that honey is mostly sugar. In fact, it’s a combination of fructose and glucose and one tablespoon of sugar, has approximately 17 grams of carbs, out of which you get 16 grams of sugar. Again, a combination of fructose and glucose. So it’s somewhat similar to regular sugar. Even though the ratio in honey between fructose and glucose is slightly different, But it’s, undoubtedly pure carbohydrate, at the end of the day, with some beneficial enzymes and other components that the bees are additional to it. But at the end of the day it’s. Sugar, One of the main reasons, besides being a beekeeper to include honey and more carbs in general in my nutrition, were a got a couple of actualizations Well. First of all, I’ve been on a nutrition, as I’ve have just mentioned, and its a super low-grade carb nutrition for over two years, And I’ve realized that, while I didn’t feel bad, I’d feel great on most eras. I didn’t feel as best as I could. I’ve noticed that on those periods where I included a few more carbs, I actually felt better than on days where I didn’t And what I make by that is, For example, I had to pee less often on epoches where I devour more carbs. My sex drive was higher on daylights where I had more carbs Slight symptoms of the keto influenza, even though I’ve been on keto for a long time. I still came those symptoms from time to time. I’m not going to go into too many details on why that is, But it has to do with emptying glycogen supermarkets and then replenishing them through a process of gluconeogenesis. So mostly, my form had to create glucose from non carbohydrate informants like protein, which is a very expensive process for the body And so that’s emptying of glycogen storages whenever my form needed glucose during exercisings, for example, and then replenishing them slowly was not standard. The interesting thing that I’ve realized is that, from an ancestral attitude from an evolutionary perspective, it was very unlikely that our predecessors were in ketosis For years in a row or even for weeks in a row Whenever they found seasonal outcomes whenever they found honey. Such as, in the instances of the Hazda One of the remaining Hunter gatherer tribes in Africa, that Dr Gustin and Dr Saladino, two of the chaps that I follow recently seen, They realized that they munch a lot of honey Whenever they find a hive of mad bees. They go to town on it And they eat it, And during that time they are most definitely not in ketosis, And so I realized that being in ketosis all the time, isn’t necessary And it’s, probably likewise not ideal, at least not for me And so I started, including more each type of carbohydrates and honey was a very obvious one because it’s. Animal located – and I follow service animals located nutrition, So expending sugar instead of other sources of carbs was an self-evident choice for me. So I remembered more about the whole process of who should and who shouldn’t include sugar in their diet, And I remember eventually, it cooks down to what your goals are and in what metabolic state. You are right now, If you time started a ketogenic food for the purpose of losing load of treatment of or medicine a metabolic disease. Be it you know if you have pre diabetes or diabetes. If you suffer from any other metabolic canker That prompted you to go on a ketogenic route to lose weight fix those problems, Then I don’t think it’s standard to start including sugar or similar types of carbs as one of the purposes of your nutrition, because if Your body is not capable of efficiently and effectively employ glucose as information sources of oil And then immediately swapping back to burning fat and using ketones as information sources of ga. Then you don’t want to do this. You want to train your mas first to be efficient in burning ketones and in burning obesities That’s, the ultimate goal: ofthe ketogenic diet, And so, if you’re new to keto, if you precisely started, I is not recommend. You include sugar in your food. Nonetheless, If you’re, metabolically, healthy and metabolically flexible, meaning that your form can indeed Switch back and forth between different types of fuel than by all means, I think you can – And “youre supposed to” also should include honey and same each type of seasonal, regional carbs, like seasonal And local fruit, for example, in your nutrition, And so I’ve done a got a couple of experiments using two implements that I have at my disposal. One is a incessant glucose observer from Levels, as the figure implies continuously observes my blood sugar, And so I can tell exactly what types of foods what types of exercise stress, for example, affect my blood, carbohydrate and indirectly, Then likewise my blood insulin positions, And these two Have affected my ketones And as far as ketone assessments, I use a breath ketone analyzer from Biosense, You might’ve seen it in another review. I will relation all of that down below in the description, but mostly I have exercised these two tools to be informed about how sugar, in particular jolts is not merely my blood sugar, but likewise my ketone positions. I have stopped chasing ketones. I don’t believe I have to be in ketosis all the time, But, interestingly enough, I know very well that devouring honey, doesn’t influence my ketone levels for more than perhaps 12 hours or so, And so what I’ve mostly done is I’Ve started including honey, And whenever I say you can have sugar, you cannot have honey. I’m not talking about a quarter of a teaspoon or something I’m talking about a significant extent, So I started eating one to two tablespoons large-scale tablespoons of sugar. After lunch and after dinner, So every day I have between 30 to 60 grams or even 35 to 70 grams of sugar. Depending on how new you are to the ketogenic diet, “youre supposed to” know that you should have approximately 25 grams of net carbs per daylight to sustain ketosis. I had significantly more three times as much on countless epoches And what I’ve noticed is that whenever I have honey, my blood sugar would spike by nearly 40 extents or so, But within an hour of that spike, my blood sugar would perfectly recover and feed Back to baseline, And so not a big deal at the end of the day, but more interestingly, though, is that my gulp ketone levels, wouldn’t go all the way to zero. So if I weigh in the morning these days, I weigh in the morning, between 5 14 Hotshots, which is a clue as to approximately 0 5 to 1 4 mmol per liter, So 0 5 is where nutritional ketosis starts. So I’m always in nutritional ketosis. In the morning, And sometimes I’m, even in the mid stray at 1, 4 or so When I chew honey, for example, today I had two big tablespoons of funny after lunch and I’ve noticed a spike and about three hours later I set my Ketone levels and my ketones were about 2 3. So, yes, my ketones status were negatively affected, but my body was still producing ketones. At that target I wasn’t absolutely out of ketosis. I was out of nutritional ketosis if you just go by the raw counts, but my mas was still stirring ketones And in the evening I’m going to measure again later in the day, But every single morning since I’ve done this and conducted this venture and That’s been going on for two to three weeks. Every single morning I was back in ketosis, Even though in the evening I had another two tablespoons of honey, So that’s tells you that, with only an interruption of 12 hours, approximately from the time of dinner or from the time I had the honey to The next morning, when I wake up that’s enough time for my organization To switching over to burning ketones for ga – And that is the metabolic flexibility that you eventually trying to achieve. That should be your goal of a ketogenic nutrition or any diet whatsoever that you either achieve or maintain that metabolic flexibility, Your body should be fine with whatever fuel source you give him Be it fattened, ingest, carbs, and it should be able to switch back and forth And if you’re in that situate, then I absolutely think you can and should have honey. The couple of things that are important when eating sugar is make sure it “ve never been” heated, So it’s definitely has to be unpasteurized. It should be raw. Ideally, from a health perspective, it should be local, So you get exposed to some of the regional pollen and pollutants and everything that is part of honey, So don’t be afraid. Even if you’re on a ketogenic nutrition, You can include honey in your nutrition. If you want to measure your ketone status measure your blood sugar, see how your mas greetings. But ultimately I’ve reached a point where I’ve gone from paleo to keto to carnivore to more animal based, And I feel really comfortable where I am right now I don’t shoot ketones. I don’t check my heavines. I just go by how I feel, and I’ve been feeling great And sugar has been a great addition to my diet. It doesn’t be adversely affected repercussion, my ketones either I symbolize I don’t really attend if I’m in ketosis every single day or not anymore. Uh again, I just go by how I feel, But whenever I test it, I am in ketosis, And that is fascinating to me, because if you would’ve told me that the couple of months ago or a year ago that you can have 60 grams of Sugar per daylight from honey that is and still be presented at ketosis the next morning I wouldn’t have believed it, But that’s what my take on it is So again, if you’re metabolically , not healthful, if you’re trying keto to lose Weight or to get to a metabolic state and opennes, I would hold off on consuming honey, But if you’re, metabolically, resilient and healthy and by all means, dig in and try regional honey And um. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up. If you didn’t like it, let me know in the comments what I could have done better and I’ll see you next time. So precisely a dinner um, low-pitched, carb, low-pitched carb dinner and I’m going to have again Um two of these tablespoons of organic fresh unpasteurized honey and we’ll realise what it’s gon na do to my blood, sugar and ketone elevations. So it’s the morning after I had uh two big tablespoons of sugar after dinner And um. Apparently, my glucose reading are all Well. I’m going to show you the diagram here in the morning Um and now we’re going to do a ketone test And see if I’m back in ketosis or if the honey knocked me out of ketosis, And so we’ll find That out here in a moment, Let’s see when it comes back with 7, So that’s uh 7 Hotshots or the equivalent of 0 7 mmol per liter. So I’m clearly in nutritional ketosis, honey, didn ,’ t do something to me What I did at the moment. My blood sugar, spiked Um, my ketone positions likely was downed, maybe even to zero. I don’t know I “shouldve been” assessed. I’ll. Do it today Um, but the nighttime was sufficient to attain my figure go back to using fat for ga and create ketones, And so that’s metabolic flexibility And um. We’ll see how it goes today in the next few daytimes . .

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