Hey guys! Suz here to welcome you returning to another.What’s for dinner on keto? simple, keto, videos for ideas on dinner!We produce these videos every Sunday to provide you with some motivation to start your prepare your meals and get your keto-friendly batch cooking.We typically attempt to introduce four new recipes each week.We did make a mistake this week in this recipe. However, we’ll stick to the endof the recipe, so that you can enjoy the meal is really easy to prepare.

We came up with this idea the following list of members. If you’re new to this site and want to join us, click that button to subscribe and join the crew, even if you’re already a crew member.We’re glad to have you to the crew.We appreciate you so much.Let’S get into it!The first thing we did was make low-carb garlic chicken.

I’ll link the recipe I taken from below. Of course, as I always we have made some changes and am using an 9×13 baking dish, and have liberally sprayed butter on this.Some of them I have sitting at room temperature, and I’m going to use leg quarters of chicken to make this instead of drumsticks.These were on sale for a bag of 10 pounds and I bought an enormous bags and separated them and will make use of 3/4 for this, and simply placing them inside my dish for baking. I’m planning to use sea salt. Be sure to wash your hands well after touching the chicken , and before you grab your salt, which is what I did, and I’m adding sea salt the chicken, and I’m now doing this with my hands since.I switched brands and picked up some Kirkland sea salt.This time it’s not coming from the dispenser efficiently, so I’ll repeat that, including some black pepper ground in addition, always prefer plenty of black pepper in any kind of chicken I cook following this.

I’m once again in this video was trying to tidy up my freezer and cabinets somewhat, and I found a small amount of rotisserie chicken seasoning that was in the container. So you can see that I’m taking the last of this out and throwing it onto the blog as well.In a very uneven manner, I’m trying to squeeze some concentrated lemon juice.I found it in my fridge , over the chicken.It’s more delicious if you use fresh lemon juice to make this dish and then I’m adding 2 spoons of avocado oil.The recipe calls olive oil, however I’m using avocado since we’ll cook.

This was cooked to a high temp in the oven, and avocado oil has a stronger smoke point. I just drizzled it all over the chicken, and I’m going to add around one tablespoon and a quarter of minced garlic. simply putting it on top of the chicken quarters in the oven. I’m also planning to add half a cup of chopped Italian flat-leaf Parsley. I’ll just purchase it in huge bundles from the store.It would have been possible to chop the mixture a little more finely, but it worked exactly the same way in this recipe.I was concerned about it getting burnt in the oven however, I was very careful and then put it onto the chicken.Then I’m gonna place this entire thing into the oven at 450F for 30 minutes. And then turn the temperature down to 325 degrees and baked for 30 more minutes and it’s done and ready to plate.I served it with some small lengthy stem green beans which I cooked in the microwave and then sprinkled with a bit of mrs Dash table blend seasoning as well as individual pieces of Kerrygold butter.

My husband absolutely loved the dish, since he’s a big dark meat lover, but however, not as much as him and his children.This is the next dish, which is an incredible broccoli and cauliflower sausage gratin. Oh my God, it’s so simple and with such a rich flavor.To begin I made an incredibly creamy sauce consisting of 1 cup of sour-cream two tablespoons Dijon mustard into a bowl and and mixed it thoroughly after it’s all blended and smooth.I put it to the side and then I added a huge saute pan on medium-high heat and smaller one on medium heat. I got both running simultaneously on the stovetop. I’ve added some butter to one. And to the other, I’m adding one 1 pound of pork Kielbasa and I purchase it in a massive, huge package in Costco and then break the pieces.I cut the Kielbasa into roughly 1 inch pieces and cut it with an angle, and then I’m making use of my hands to sort of arrange it.

This will allow it to become good and dark brown.Then I’m adding the most tiny Vidalia Onion ever before in this butter pan and I’m also adding one leek.The only thing I’ve used was the bottom of the leek in this recipe.I thought about removing it and am so grateful.I decided not to because I believe it’s what makes this dish have that unique, delicious, and distinctive flavor it is, and if any of you haven’t cooked with the leek before, this is the first time I’ve tried buying a complete one and cutting it up and cooking it by myself.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube that show how to prepare it.If you’d prefer to see me leave a note in the comments below, and I’ll take that also for you however, I’m cooking up to the point that the leeks and onions begin becoming soft and the sausage turns slightly brown.I’m also adding broccoli and some cauliflower. I made a sloppy mistake with this portion.I used frozen broccoli and cauliflower naturally with around six to ten ounces of cauliflower that I thawed and was microwaved for a moment, but did not cook it until it was cooked as it came cut into smaller pieces. Then I utilized a pound of The Kirklands organic broccoli. it’s always in huge florets. So I made the same mistake that I did: thawed and nuked in the microwave , and then I cut it into pieces by hand and cut small pieces of about one inch also and cooking this all together in butter until they’re kind of soft, and I’m sort of turning the sausage using my hands. I’m doing this with my hands because it’s in big enough pieces that I can perform this without burning myself, but ahh.It’s true that I should have used tongs however, to be honest right now I’m buying an 9×13 baking dish. I’m going to add my veggie mix into the baking dish, and then I’m going to serve it with the sour cream in it and pour on the Dijon sauce on top.

We added the topping with it, and then mix it all very well.After mixing it I used my spoon to spread the big broccoli pieces evenly , and then I just sort of massaged it down with a little sea salt, and some crushed black pepper. I’m gonna mix the Kielbasa straight to our vegetable mix. And, I would suggest that make sure to place it in as evenly as you can and in this particular part I’m using a small piece from fresh thyme.Although I don’t usually use fresh thyme but my husband was able to pick it up and just bought a plant and it’s time to plant it outside , so I thought.I’d try it.It calls for four tablespoons of fresh.

I didn’t have time to make the effort.I could have done about just a tablespoon, but for now, and I’m also adding some cheese.I used a half cup of mozzarella that was already shredded at Costco and I’m adding half a cup of additional, sharp cheddar cheese, which I cut myself in order to cut down on carbs. I took it out of the fridge and will make.The whole thing is into the oven and bake at 400F and bake for about 15 mins.In actual, I cooked mine for 20 minutes because I like to cook things too long.

This is what it will look like when it’s released This was super delicious once again.I’ll share the recipe I made it from below.This is all ready to be plated and then you can add a bit more fresh thyme over it.It was a simple keto-friendly meal idea, keto recipe that can be made for weeknights in stores. It is super easy to reheat and, as I mentioned the flavor is rich.I’m thinking that it’s the leek that is the reason for this, however, you must try this recipe out, you guys.

Then I cooked an incredible slow-cooked keto pork roast that was served with an amazing gravy made of creamy, served with cauliflower rice.It took a lengthy time due to the fact that I cooked it in the slow cooker. and added a 3 pound pork shoulder in the lower part in my freezer. I added one half teaspoon salt to the cup of water. After that, around this amount of peppercorn, I just toss it.There are 2 teaspoons ground thyme as well as bay leaves – and I cooked it on high for 4 hours, and then, because of illness that has ravaged our household frequently.I was a bit naive, and turned it down to low, and then I accidentally cooked it for an additional three or four hours.This makes it appear a bit dry on the outside however it was super moist and delicious inside.

After I finished cooking the dish in the kitchen, I made around a tablespoon of freshly minced ginger.I could have done more, but all I had in the refrigerator: a heaping teaspoon of minced garlic along with an ounce of plain paprika half, a teaspoon ground black pepper, an avocado oil tablespoon which I’m mixing it together until it’s an excellent paste to spread over the roast. I simply removed the pork shoulder as I removed it from the cooker, and all the fat and things.I took it out the fat and am applying your hands for rubbing the paste over the roast, and then I took it off.You can see that I took all the fat from the roast by rubbing the paste everywhere too. Once I was satisfied that it was well-seasoned I’m going to put it in a 450-degree oven for about 15 minutes in order to cook that sauce.Now that we have a sauce pan that is on the stove. I am using a sieve to pour the pork drippings.

It’s clear that there’s a lot of the fat that remains in the crockpot as I pour into it to take all those chunks out. Now I’m planning to simmer these drippings from the pork and reduce them by around half.Of course I ran out of patience and didn’t reduce it to its fullest since I was in a rush at this point. I’m gradually adding one cup and half of whipping cream heavy I’ve left at room temperature and whisking it in and I’m bringing this up to the point of boiling. it didn’t thicken fast sufficient for my taste, but I decided to go ahead, and after simmering for around 20 minutes and adding 1/2 teaspoon of xanthan Gum to allow it to get thicker faster to the level I wanted it to be. You are aware that I wanted a thicker gravy consistency . Also, I like being able to see the black spots of pepper in my gravy, no matter what kind of gravy.I decided to add the ground pepper and then whisked it up. And obviously, I pulled my pork out and let it rest for about 20 minutes, then I shaved it and cut into thin slices and cooked.The cauliflower rice was topped and a generous portion of Kerrygold butter and pepper, I placed my roast on top and then spooned the gravy over it.It was delish.

I was thinking I was eating gravy and rice.It was delicious.I would highly recommend trying it out.Finally, a sort of cheat dinner: this is North Atlantic Pollack that is served with salad.The item comes purchased from Costco It’s been stored in my freezer for quite a long time. It’s wild-caught Pollack and it’s already seasoned and, when you flip it over , macros appear good.

The seasoning looks great but there is one nagging ingredient, which is canola oil.The last time I ate canola oil.I believe that canola oil is terrible, and for you it’s just my opinion, therefore I won’t purchase this item again, however, since there was some in my freezer and I decided to go ahead and get it out and use in all portions of the fish.Naturally, they are vacuum sealed, so I just removed them all when it was thawed. Then I used a cookie sheet and lined it with non-stick foil. I followed the instructions on the box and then baked the frozen cookie for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.Degrees. I did sprinkle a bit of seasoning and pepper onto the top.

Then I topped it off with this, which is probably not very healthy either Walden Farms Italian dressing, but it’s keto friendly and added some chopped Parmesan cheese. And oh my it was so amazing, it’s possible to alter my mind also convince me to purchase this fish once more.Anyway, super fast and the quickest food of the week. I hope you enjoy this week’s.What’s for dinner on keto? easy keto meals? video to provide you with motivation to continue to stay strong on your keto diet and living in your Keto lifestyle.If you enjoyed this video, please rate it a thumbs-up and leave a comment below with any ideas you might have for future recipe videos, or any tips or techniques you’ve learned.If you’re following the Keto diets, we create these videos each week and usually well, they are an excellent mix of complicated and simple keto-friendly recipes.

I wanted to make these as simple as possible this week, since we have just put our two toddlers in preschool or daycare.We are currently in week 4 of Kiddie viruses So there you go you guys, I’m going to be back caring for my sick children.We will be back next week. sign up, and come back soon, bye you guys music, music

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