The BEST Keto Bread Recipe

Hey chaps Naomi now, Thanks for thumping the play-act button, I want to share with you an stunning keto food recipe Right.

So I started keto about a year and a half ago It’s changed my life. I too am gluten-free, so bread has literally become like a four-letter word in my home, So I was trying to figure out. How do I get the wonderful aspects of bread in a figure that can work for me and work with my family and work for you?

And here it is

I’M gon na preheat the oven to 375 We’re gon na start with 6 massive eggs 3 at the beginning 3 at the end, And what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na separate the egg whites from the yolk So 3. Now You know egg yolks are different all over the world and we’re always looking for the darkest and richest yellowed, because it shows you the quality of what the chicken was ingesting.

And you can see these are really nice and dark, So I’m gon na start by putting all of the egg yolks in Then I’m gon na set half of the egg whites in Then I’m gon na set my grass-fed butter and ghee right in with the yummy Egg yolks And I’m going to add a tablespoon of the Creamy MCT

There we go Yum, I will add a goblet and a half of this amazing almond. Flour.

So you’re getting all of the good fattens that they are in almonds And that’s really the basi of this meat, which I think is incredible.

And we’re gon na be adding quarter cup of coconut flour So again you’re getting more MCTs in here. But this is the coconut flour. So you can add a one-quarter beaker of that whole overweight in I’m, going to add 3 teaspoons of roasting pulverize, One

.. Two …

Three Then we’re gon na add a one-quarter teaspoon of garlic And we’re gon na application garlic gunpowder in this case, but you can of course use fresh garlic rosemary. We use a fourth of a teaspoon of rosemary here.

I’M a huge lover:

I’M gon na supplement a little more because I enjoy it so much Next is a little pinch of salt and you can use you know the Celtic sea salt or you can use Himalayan salt. I, of course, always want to threw olives everywhere, and so we’ve got olives that we can add right in here too, And that’s optional right. You are no longer able affection all those as much as we do in our household but they’re there

And if you want to add a little bit of sweetness to it, you can add a bit of friar fruit and you’re , not gon na “re going away” your keto curriculum, So I’m gon na articulated the rest of the three eggs in. I enjoy how different the eggs certainly can be in different parts of the world. I think it’s super cool when I was in Kyoto recently and we had the- the really dark, approximately red egg yolks It was-. It was stupendous.

So now I’m gon na take what we’re gon na broil the amazing food in Bring it over here.

I’M actually gon na utilize some of the Creamy MCT to delicately coat it I’ll. Do that with my thumbs. I think this recipe is great to be paired with an evening where you invite your friends over, and you get to show off your keto skills.

I think it’s it’s like the excellent recipe, but it’s filled with all of these fat-burning parts, which is just like incredible when you think about it.

You’Re, giving your body fuel from this recipe in a way that you never could imagine bread could do for you. You could use an incredible olive tapenade. We actually have recipes in the descriptions for different videos that we have. The alternatives are interminable.

So you’re literally feeding yourself, the almonds, the coconut, the rosemary, the olives all of these super keto friendly ingredients, And then you have surprise ingredients in there like the MCTs that just take it to a whole nother height. Now that the oven is preheated, we’re gon na situated it right in Voila, I would recommend pairing this eat with a whole slather of grass-fed butter.

You know that eating keto doesn’t have to be boring. You’Re gon na have fun you’re gon na get imaginative and this recipe we’ll do all of that. Thanks for watching Be sure to subscribe and check out our other recipes.

And Bon Appetit

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